Top 10 Look-Alikes of Kate Middleton

Georgia Kenneally


She was introduced as one of the Kate Middleton look-alikes through the Susan Scott look-alike contest which was established since 1979 in United Kingdom that aims to show the world some of the celebrities that also living behind the camera. She actually lives in Nottingham in United Kingdom, but she was born and raised in Woodford Green, Redbridge, United Kingdom. She began making appearances as Kate Middleton when the royal wedding was announced, and she was 19 years old during that time. She is studying at Nottingham Trent University majoring financial math. Her mom was the first one who noticed that she looks like Kate Middleton, and even convinced her to send her picture to prove that she looks like her. Nonetheless, the urgency was there because even in the restaurant where she’s working at she also received the same comments from her customers. Indeed, when she made a decision, she went on a shooting for a day together with a Prince William look alike, and had some shots in London tube station.