Top 10 Weirdest Experiments with Nature

Scorpion Cabbage


Cabbage isn’t the most appealing vegetable ever – it’s a cheap filler for uninspiring stews, the basis of bizarre diets and an Eastern European staple. So, how to make the humble cabbage even less enticing? How about lining it with scorpion venom? That’s what the Oxford Institute of Virology, England, have done as they created a cabbage that contained the venom as a “natural” pesticide. The Institute first ran tests back in 1994, when scientists sprayed scorpion venom onto a field of cabbages, but now they have gone one step further, and integrated the venom into the cabbage itself, albeit in a form that is not toxic to humans. It means a saving on pesticide, as it’s contained within the cells of the plant but also means that the pesticide goes into your system. But it’s friendly pesticide, so that’s OK, right?