Top 10 Most Interesting Languages


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Another European language that is very distinct from its neighbors. Spoken in Northeastern Italy, it has some similarities to Italian, but uses a number of special characters that appear in French but not Italian – for instance, phrases like “Piruç gno dolç inculurît” (“my sweet colored pear”)  look more French than Italian,whereas others like “Telefone la polizìe” (“telephone the police!”) are very similar to Italian. But then some words look almost Slavic, with their special characters (for example: “via?” for journey).Friulian is spoken by 300,000 people, but most speak Italian as well. It is related to Ladin (not to be confused with Latin) and a few different languages in the Rhaeto-Romance group, like the Swiss Romansh language. It is not endangered, thanks to a surge of interest in the language during the 20th century but it is relatively unusual.