Top 10 Child Actors

Nicholas Hoult


Starring alongside Nicholas Cage in 2005’s ‘The Weatherman’ as well as Hugh Grant in the unforgettable ‘About a Boy’ back in 2002- Nicholas Hoult was poised for very big things. The Englishman is now 22-years-old and still does well when it comes to landing the odd part. Starring in cult British teen series ‘Skins’ for the first 2 seasons, Hoult has also appeared in the recent remake of Clash of the Titans as well as portraying Hank McCoy/Beast in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. Although he enjoys a successful modelling career aside from his acting, it doesn’t look as though Hoult intends to step away from the big screen anytime soon- with upcoming parts in next year’s Mad Max movie as well as the next X-Men, which is due in 2014.