Top 10 Futuristic Societies

Brave New World


Let’s start with the society after which all other future societies are named – the “Brave New World” of Aldous Huxley’s novel. It was intended as a parody of H.G.Wells’ positive visions of the future, but it gained a life of its own and its title is now used in journalistic rhetoric for any idea that might be considered radical or future-changing, even when it’s a bit mediocre. The “World” itself is rather terrifying – babies are grown in hatcheries and conditioning centers, rather than being born, and the fetuses deemed to be among the lower castes are deliberately stunted so that they never have any ambition or rebellion in their characters. There is no concept of family or relationships – sex is merely recreational. People are happy, and die happy, knowing that the society carries on without them. But of course, someone breaks the mold and it all goes downhill from there. Still, an interesting model while it lasted.