Top 10 Futuristic Societies

The Matrix

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There’s more mass mind-control in the world of the 1999 hit movie. On the surface, all is the same as it as ever was – humans go to work, get paid, go home. But reality is all just a façade, computer generated by “The Machines”. If someone chooses not to take their blue pill, and instead takes a red one, then they will fall out of the Matrix into the real society of the day – one where the humans are all contained within a megacity and plugged into a machine that simulates the world of 1999. Once you understand this, you can manipulate the “matrix” to give yourself superhuman powers, and therein follows a series of battles with sentient computer programs called “Agents” while flying through the air, dodging bullets and looking cool. If someone never takes the red pill, they spend their entire life in a pod, wired up to the program and their entire virtual life doing a dull office job. Best to take the red pill….