Top 10 Futuristic Societies

Battlestar Galactica

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A recurring element of futuristic stories is man’s journeys into space. And Battlestar Galatica is no exception, starting with the premise that humans are mainly living on distant planets known as “The Colonies”. When these colonies are destroyed by the Cylons, machines gone rogue, the only survivors are the people who are aboard spaceships at the time. The TV series then follows the fortunes of the only military ship left – the Battlestar Galactica – as it tries to protect the civilian ships from further attack.As societies go, it’s not dissimilar to our own, but it’s in space. There are political feuds, personality clashes and ridiculous displays of bravado. They eat what we eat, they dress like us when not in uniform and their language is delibrately un-technological. But the fact they have the technology to conquer distant star systems suggests it’s a society that’s far more advanced than ours. Their religion is also very different, with humans worshipping multiple gods, in the Greek tradition, and drinking ambrosia. An interesting mix of past, present and future.