Top 10 Most Dangerous Vocations



The job of a roofer is simple: to construct and/or maintain roofs. Also known as ‘tilers’ and ‘journeymen’, these professionals belong to one of the most archaic industries, yet one of the more contemporary trades. Classed alongside the likes of joiners, builders and welders- the roofing vocation belongs to the construction industry and is known within as one of the more perilous of the available vocations. While construction in itself is an area of employment which yields some of the highest rates of accidents and injuries, roofing is certainly accountable for the vast majority of such instances. Working atop semi-finished/dilapidated structures frequently, roofers are often held completely at the whim of the elements- with both wind and rain to contend with. Though it may seem like a trade for the lowly-skilled to many, it is certainly one of undeniable grit.