10 Creepy Ant Behaviors You Won’t Believe

Carpenter ants


As we said earlier, ants are very diverse and can be classified by tribe and genus. The camponoti tribe is one of the most diverse and can actually account for a whole lot of the behaviors on this list. They’re found just about everywhere and have adapted to different conditions and habitats to become incredibly skilled hunters, builders, and survivors. One of the freakiest though is the pitcher-plant dweller. It bores into the carnivorous pitcher plant and waits for other insects to be lured into the large, liquid-filled cavity the plant uses as a stomach. This particular camponotus ant has evolved to be able to scale the slippery walls and survive the digestive liquid inside so that instead of becoming a meal it can feast on the poor souls that would otherwise be plant food.Camponotus ants are also affected by something known as the zombie fungus. The fungus causes the ant to climb to the highest place it can, where it will eventually die. The ant grows a stem from its head, kind of like a Pikmin, and the stem eventually releases its spores to start the process over again. All you zombie survivalists can relax though. It’s strictly a bug problem so far.