Top 10 Celebrities Who Had Interesting Previous Careers

Brian Cox

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When you think about pre-fame careers, “pop star” isn’t really one that springs to mind, is it? But all things are comparative and Professor Brian Cox has found far more fame with his TV-presenter/physics expert than he ever did as a musician. But he was a genuine pop star for a while, playing keyboards with mid-90s band D:Ream. Although they were not technically one-hit wonders, they are chiefly remembered for one song – the New Labour anthem of “Things Can Only Get Better”. In 1997, things did get better for New Labour, and they got into UK government with a landslide majority. Things didn’t get better for D:Ream and they slowly slid into obscurity, with Brian Cox emerging years later with his own show, “Wonders of the Solar System”. It might have been a bit of a backwards career path, but seems to have worked out well for him!