Hilariously Awesome Roommate Pranks

#1 Wake Up Call


Does your roommate want you to wake them up at an unnaturally early hour? This nifty prank almost makes up for the fact that you have to crawl out of your warm bed to wake up your sleeping roomie. To pull this off, take a small table like a nightstand or a footstool. Whatever you choose, it has to be something with tall legs with space underneath. Place it on top of your sleeping roommate's head. This here's the fun part: wake them up in a startling way. The more obnoxious, the better...at least for you. Sit back and enjoy as your unsuspecting roommate sits up in surprise and bangs their head on the table you've conveniently set up. Be careful with this prank. Pranks are fun when harmless but you don't want to cause your roommate actual pain . . . well, not too much.