10 Traditional Ways to See the Future

Death Clock


If you could predict the future, would you want to know the exact date of your death? Predicting our life span is big business, government insurance and pension companies spend billions of dollars predicting our death. A life table gives such an estimate. And the spooky part is that some statisticians think they can predict the the time of our death within a 3 year margin of era when provided with certain information. But death is not great equalizer, sex and race have a huge effect on when the grim reaper would likely knock at your door.There are many determinants on how long you live, most important is the genetic make-up which is recently known and not traditional although. Human genome is a vast area, there are some genes that encode time of your death and which can be interpreted by modern technology. Other determinants are occupation, income, lifestyle, habits, smoking. Death Clock Statisticians analyze the data and interlink it with your genetic results giving your almost accurate life span. Oh but this definitely excludes deaths like air crash or car accident!