Top 10 Most Disgusting Dishes from the Past


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A dessert still made today, the original version of blancmange was slightly more nausea-inducing.  It was made with the milk and sugar of the modern version, but with an added twist – chicken! That’s right, it was a sort of meat-y pudding affair and you can recreate it today, if you think it sounds like a crowd-pleasing dish. The word “blancmange” comes from the French phrase “blanc mangier“, meaning “white dish”, although there is some speculation that was it actually “bland mangier“, meaning “bland dish”, referring to the blancmange’s unappealing and unexciting white wobbliness. So it might be bland, it might be white, it might be a dessert, it might contain chicken or even fish. Now wonder it’s never been ultra-popular or fashionable – it’s a weird combination that appeals to pretty much no-one. But apparently it’s good for people who are sick. Because wobbly chicken sweets have never made anyone sicker, of course…