Top 10 Most Disgusting Dishes from the Past

Colonial Squirrel Pie

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When the first settlers came to America, they had to eat whatever they could find. And so the humble squirrel became a key ingredient, featuring in the tasty-sounding Colonial Squirrel Pie. Apparently, the authorities in Pennsylvania offered hunters 3 pence per squirrel for killing them and squirrel meat became known as the “Chicken of the trees“. Squirrel may also have featured in the original version of the Kentucky state dish – the Kentucky Burgoo – which was a kind of stew that included “whatever walked or flew” in a kind of multi-critter pile up. It is now also affectionately known as roadkill stew, as you can put in any animals that happen to just be lying around by the side of the road.  The exact recipe for Colonial Squirrel Pie is lost in the mists of time, but I’m sure the early settlers would approve of the “whatever walked or flew” school of cookery.